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The survey conducted by our partner Profacts earlier this year touched the hearts of many of you. More than 8 in 10 directors favour quotas to encourage a more gender-balanced board. What is striking, however, is that female directors in particular are won over to (the expansion of) quotas. Bearing in mind that in our country more male directors are active than female directors and that this voluntary survey was possibly completed more often by respondents with an above-average commitment to gender equality, this exposes an important point for attention. It seems important to us to work on alternative ways to achieve gender diversity at the top. Women on Board therefore concludes that it is more important to focus on support for gender diversity than on imposed quotas.

As female board members you can play an important role in this, by asking questions to the leadership of the company where you serve on the board about data on gender diversity in the company, what initiatives are being taken for D&I and asking for a dashboard to monitor the figures.

You will find in this Newsletter the past and future events, where you can always find each other. Please join us to meet a group of peers with similar positions and experiences, to exchange stories in an open and confidential relationship.

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Gaëlle Helsmoortel and Trees Paelinck

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