Yesterday, Women on Board, a prominent organization advocating for gender diversity in corporate leadership, held a highly anticipated General Assembly at Belfius in Brussels. The event brought together a diverse group of professionals, entrepreneurs, and advocates who are committed to empowering women in the business world.

We started with a short introduction of the new members with the WoB Board and Admission Committee.

The highlight of the evening was the esteemed guest speaker, Mrs Alexia Bertrand, Federal Secretary of State for Budget and Consumer Protection. As a prominent figure in politics and a staunch supporter of gender equality, Minister Bertrand’s presence added significant value to the event. 

The General Assembly provided an ideal platform for Women on Board members to exchange ideas, share success stories, and discuss strategies for advancing their mission. Attendees engaged in lively discussions during the networking drink, forging new connections, and fostering a vibrant and supportive community dedicated to championing gender diversity in leadership positions.

A huge thank you to Els Blaton @Belfius for hosting this event. 

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