European Women on Boards (EWOB) is delighted to introduce the results of its latest research on gender diversity on European boards.

The EWOB ‘Toolkit for Change’  — click here to access it — adopts a comprehensive approach to gender diversity on boards. It outlines both the state of play and key best practices to achieve greater and faster progress.

It’s a versatile toolkit for professionals who have the ability to drive change, whether they’re in recruitment, business leadership, or involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

EWOB’s research summary confirms that legislation and strong targets are crucial to creating significant change.

With an average of 38% women on boards, member states with binding gender quotas are progressing faster than other countries.

Our analysis also highlights persistent disparities between countries. Nine member states still failed to take any action and are now lagging behind.

However, there is no significant difference between industries, and the C-suite remains stubbornly male-dominated.

Regardless of the legislative measures taken, companies must take additional steps on inclusion.

Few women occupy the most influential positions at the board level, with only 19% of female board chairs. Additionally, company boards remain poorly diverse in terms of nationalities and age. Lengthy board tenures also often prevent them from bringing in diverse perspectives.

EWOB has thus put together a set of 10 best practices on organisational change, providing a starting point for company leaders to take action. We will also conduct further research on women’s experiences in the boardroom in the coming year.

Let’s take action together to achieve gender equality in decision-making.

The Report on Gender Diversity 2024

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