• The appointments of Colette Dierick and Conny Vandendriessche were approved at the General Meeting of 19 May 2022 and have now also been approved by the FSMA, allowing them to start. 
  •  Xior welcomes two new high-profile directors and is convinced that they are the perfect addition to the current board team. 
  •  Conny Vandendriessche represents a strong dose of entrepreneurship and will support Xior’s European growth story with her own hands-on knowledge and experience as a successful European entrepreneur. Her extensive experience, especially in the field of Human Capital and supporting diversity (as an investor through We Are Jane), is an additional asset for Xior’s ESG efforts in this area. 
  •  In addition, the diversity of the Board of Directors is also increasing, as 3 out of 8 members (37.5%) are now female. 

  • Conny Vandendriesche, together with Marieke Bax and Christian Teunissen, will also become members of the Ethics & ESG Committee, a newly created committee of the Board of Directors that will focus specifically on these challenges. This new committee reinforces the previously announced acceleration of ESG efforts. 

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