This is a big thank you for the great event we had yesterday evening. The feedback in the networking session was that the theme is very new, important and inspiring for ourselves and our organisations, and the speakers spoke with passion and drive.
Women on Board is proud to have SAP as our partner.
Thanks to:
  • Thérèse and colleagues for the organisation, and offering a beautiful location and lovely drinks and bites to our guests
  • Véronique for the inspiring and transparent speech in which you shared the road map of digital transformation, challenges and successes at Delaware .
  • Team SAP, Goedele, Julie, Katelijne and the others for the enthusiastic presentations and experiences in getting companies to a digital future
  • Dina for the smooth moderation of the Q&A session
  • Tine for the initial initiative that lead to this event
Click for Presentation by V. Derycke

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