On Wednesday 10 June we held our General Assembly and we have the pleasure to inform you of the latest news of Women on Board.
The scoop of the meeting was the announcement that, during the last year, our members have obtained or prolonged 53 mandates (44 as Chair or Board Member and 9 at Advisory Committee). These figures are based on the information reported by our members. This is again a success for Women on Board and the companies or organisations who will enjoy the richness and performance of a gender diverse board.

We announced some changes in the composition of the Admission Committee and the Board. For the Admission Committee, Martine De Rouck will be succeeded by Karel Baert. Together with Robert van de Eijk who joined the AC in April, they will bring their vision on the profiles and personalities needed for performant and future-oriented boards.

For the Board composition, the GA confirmed the renewal of the mandate of Dirk Oosterlinck and the appointment of Ingrid Gonnissen and Monica De Jonghe.

The results of the member’s survey were shared and translated in a Manifesto for the future of Women on Board
annual accounts and budget were approved and discharge was voted for the board directors.

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