A powerful event was held in June on the Diversity and Inclusion opportunities for companies. Guest Speaker Dominique Leroy spoke of changing the culture within your company. Start with your management and confirm that an inclusive company is to everyones benefit. Certainly this is needed more than ever in the Digital era.

Profacts, Stijn De Rammelaere presented the result of the latest research in Belgium on the inclusion of women on the Boards and the challenges we still have ahead of us.

Korn Ferry, Desi Kimmins presented and hosted the workshops for the attendees on reactions and interactions of employees & management when changing the work population and their personal perception and experience.

We thank Korn Ferry for this opportunity to get together and Proximus for hosting the event in the Proximus Lounge and offering the networking drink and walking buffet.

Please find some of the pictures here.

This is the link to the ProFacts presentation: Profacts_WomenonBoard_AddedValueofWomeninBoD_report 9June

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