Supporting Membership

Against the background of the great enthusiasm surrounding Women on Board’s purpose and activities, the “supporting members” category has been created. These members are full members of the Association but have no voting right at its General Assembly, and their profiles do not appear in the ” talent pool” of potential board members.

Supporting members are men or women willing to support the Association and its values.

Supportive Membership Fee

The current annual membership fee is 200€.

For any question please contact us.

Privacy Disclaimer

Women on Board is committed to preserving privacy. The personal information requested in the application form will be restricted to the use of those persons involved in the members admission process. Once you are admitted, your personal data will be transferred to the members database accessible only by authorised parties having signed a confidentiality charter. Women on Board will not use your personal data for marketing purposes. You have a right of access, information and rectification of your data, at no cost.

Corporate Partners

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