Admissions Committee

The role of the Admissions Committee is to review the profile of candidate members on the basis of objective criteria and to advise the Board of Directors (“the Board”) accordingly. Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

The Admissions Committee guarantees:

  • Impartiality, fairness and avoidance of conflicts of interests in their recommendations for admission;
  • The opportunity for everyone to be listened to by the Admissions Committee or the Board concerning any decision affecting them;
  • To take action and/or reach a decision within a reasonable time frame.
  • The Admissions Committee includes highly qualified representatives from both the business and academic worlds.

Admission to the Women on Board talent pool

It is recommended that boards of directors be composed of members from diverse professional backgrounds combining a broad spectrum of experience and expertise with a reputation for integrity.

All board members need to have experience in positions with a high degree of responsibility and have a proven track record of sound business judgment.

All board members are guided exclusively by the board’s goals, while upholding their independence of judgment, decision and action under all circumstances.

To adequately fulfil its responsibilities, the board as a whole should possess certain core competences, with each member being appointed on the basis of his/her potential contribution to one or more of these competences in terms of knowledge, experience and skills.

To make sure that our members are qualified to sit on the boards of Belgian enterprises, Women on Board has defined a Core Competence Profile. Candidate members should ensure that their profile is in line with the requirements set forth therein.

To this end:

  • Candidate members should be willing to assess their personal board membership profile;
  • The recommendation of the Admissions Committee on candidacies serves as input for the Board’s decision on admission;
  • The Board’s decision is based on solely objective criteria inspired by the Core Competence Profile;
  • Both the Admissions Committee and the Board undertake to examine applications with empathy and from an objective and neutral viewpoint, in the sole interest of candidates;
  • Should a member of the Admissions Committee or the Board find herself/himself in a conflict of interest in respect of a candidate, she (or he) will refrain from participating in the admissions process.

Access to member information

Women on Board overarching’s goal is to increase female representation on the boards of public and private companies in Belgium.

It is therefore important that the pool of candidate board members be accessible to Belgian enterprises seeking to attract more women as board members.

To protect our members against any misuse/abuse of private information, interested parties need to justify any request to access the list of members and their profiles. Access is granted free-of-charge for a limited period of time, and is subject to the interested enterprise undertaking to use member information solely in the context of Women on Board objectives.

The complete membership database is accessible to all Women on Board members with a view to encouraging networking.
To request access to the list of members and their profiles, please send an email to Women on Board

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