Mentoring & training

Women on Board aims at offering continuous training opportunity to its members through :

  • Mentoring programmes, in which the mentor is an experienced Director who will share his experience with a mentee who would like to improve his director skills;
  • Training events or seminars organised by sponsors on matters of interest for (potential) board members;
  • Referencing external training providers and courses 

Training events

It is the intention of Women on Board to offer a number of training opportunities to its members.

Though the Association does not develop training courses itself, it recommends to its members external courses that may help them to strengthen their board competences and skills.
The sponsors of Women on Board have undertaken to organise events or seminars on matters of interest for (potential) board members, and Women on Board members are invited to attend these. You will find details of the upcoming events listed below under 'agenda' on this website.Continuous training opportunity: refer to our 'Mentoring' programme
Knowledge partnership with McKinsey: yearly event for our members in June.

Links to existing training courses given by external providers:


Director and Board Effectiveness

Solvay Entrepreneurs

Formations interactives et concrètes

PwC Academy Trainer for business
Centre for Balanced Leadership

Shine - Strategies Helping you Into de NExt level

Wolters Kluwer