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  • "Looking back at the year that I have been a member of WoB I have witnessed a number of outstanding initiatives:
    - a series of very valuable events, the one tonight being a very good example of an extremely relevant topic;
    - the broadening of the network to an international level in times where every company benefits from an international Board;
    - a tremendous move towards transparency of opportunities with a whole range of open Board mandates being published through your network;
    - a true effort in promoting women on Boards, the most visible example being the exposure a lot of your women got in “De Morgen".
    I am amazed by the quality of the debate, the relevance of the initiatives and the impact of all you do and I think you and the team can be proud of what has been achieved!"

  • Presentations made during the General Assembly are available to our members.

  • Free access to our pool of women candidates director for companies who want to appoint a female director - just contact us !

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