The sponsors of Women on Board have undertaken to organise events or seminars on matters of interest for (potential) board members and Women on Board members are invited to attend these. 

You will find details of past and upcoming events listed below.

Also external events related to our mission are referenced here.

Workshop on how to maximize your chances to get a board mandate


Pictures of the event available here:

On 15 Februari Women on Board organises, in collaboration with Marleen Smekens of Mentorprise, a Workshop on how to maximize your chances to get a board mandate.

When: 15 Feb. 2017  17:00 - 19:00

Venue : Cofinimmo, Boulevard de la Woluwe 58 - 1200 Brussels


  • Chantal Cabuy           Selection Advisor at Women on Board
  • Marleen Smekens      Managing partner at Mentorprise,
                                       Member of Women on Board’s Admissions Committee
  • Joke Storme               Photographer


Participation limited to 15 members of Women on Board

The aim of the workshop is to guide you with initiatives leading to a board mandate, answering questions like:

  • how to draft your CV?
  • how to pitch yourself?
  • how to use social media?
  • what are the keys for successful networking?
  • is my photo ok?

As participant you are invited to bring your PC with your CV.

We offer you the possibility to have a professional photo taken!


pdf version of invitation