The sponsors of Women on Board have undertaken to organise events or seminars on matters of interest for (potential) board members and Women on Board members are invited to attend these. 

You will find details of past and upcoming events listed below.

Also external events related to our mission are referenced here.

AGO WoB + Event organized by McKinsey: 'driving more diversity through people analytics'


Women on Board's General Assembly was followed by an

event organised by McKinsey: "Driving more diversity through people analytics" - a 3 hour session / workshop on how to bring diversity to the agenda of boards / exco's on a facts-based way.

People analytics is changing the landscape of talent management e.g., through machine learning for cv screening, it becomes less biased and tests have shown that it has increased the selection of female candidates by 16%. 
So the session will talk about :
- how people analytics is changing talent management - how it can help reduce unconscious bias
- how you can leverage this to bring diversity to the agenda of companies

"On July 5, following Women on Board's general assembly, McKinsey hosted for the 4th time its annual event for Women On Board. It was a special edition, with a record number of > 60 participants. The topic was how to leverage people analytics and even big data to come to better decisions on talent. After a plenary part full of illustrations of how other companies have applied this, the ladies were asked to develop a perspective on how they themselves could further objectify the HR practices in their companies.
It was a very animated session, with lots of good discussions - the topic clearly resonated well with the WOB members. Hopefully many will actually use the knowledge to further support their HR departments in becoming more fact based in their ways of working. We closed the day with some refreshing drinks, and we as the McKinsey team are already looking forward to the edition of next year."
Kathleen, Jr Partner & Vanessa, Knowledge Expert McKinsey  
Trees Paelinck, General Manager Women on Board