The initiative of Women on Board is a non-profit association created by five women dedicated to promoting female access to directorship roles within Belgian enterprises (public and private). Set up in December 2009, Women on Board has now achieved its primary goals:

  • to create a pool of talented women ready to take up board positions,
  • to facilitate access to this pool for Belgian enterprises searching for female directors.

The purpose of this website is to network all parties interested in this initiative, with a view to extending its reach. Discover our corporate video!

Admissions Committee

The role of the Admissions Committee is to review the profile of candidate members on the basis of objective criteria and to advise the Board of Directors (“the Board”) accordingly. Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

The Admissions Committee guarantees:

  • Impartiality, fairness and avoidance of conflicts of interests in their recommendations for admission;


  • The opportunity for everyone to be listened to by the Admissions Committee or the Board concerning any decision affecting them;
  • To take action and/or reach a decision within a reasonable time frame.

The Admissions Committee includes highly qualified representatives from both the business and academic worlds. Its members are: Jean de Leu de Cecil, Martine De Rouck, Xavier De Walque, Baudouin Deschamps, Michel Eeckhout, Christiane Franck, Véronique Halloin, Abigail Levrau, Sophie Manigart and Marleen Smekens. 

Committee members

Admission Committee Member
Former Secretary General at Colruyt Group
Chair of the admissions committee - Secretary General at FNRS
Managing Partner at Mentorprise
Partner at Vlerick Business School and full Professor at Ghent University
Head of Fraud Investigation at BNP Paribas Fortis
Independent Director
Chairman at Goods to Give - United Caps
CEO at Vivaqua
CFO at Cobepa